In 2017, Bison Sporting Events will be hosting many USSSA World Series Qualifiers.  We will be playing at various great complexes that provide concession, field crew, playgrounds and other amenities, making your tournament experience the best it can be.


Age Cutoff
A player's age on April 30, 2017 is the youngest age level he can play until August 1, 2017.  Teams will consist of no more than 20 players.

09u-10u:    46' pitching and 65' bases
11u-12u:    50' pitching and 70' bases
13u:          54' pitching and 80' bases
14u and up: 60'6" pitching and 90' bases     

Coin Flip/Home Team
In pool play/round robin games, the home team is determined by coin flip.  In bracket play, the higher seed will be the home team.  The home team is the official scorebook and should compare scores each inning with the opponent scorekeeper and umpire.

Bat Restrictions
The USSSA bat restrictions will be enforced.

Game Balls
A game ball should be given to the umpire by each team prior to the start of each pool game.  These baseballs will not be returned.  Therefore, each game will begin with two new balls.  Additional balls are supplied by the tournament, including new balls for bracket rounds.  Stoppage of game play may occur if foul balls are not being retrieved.

Metal spikes are allowed for 13u and older.  However, no metal spikes may be worn on portable mounds.
Intentional walks do not need to have pitches thrown.
Balks will be called at all ages.  However, the 9u-10u will receive one warning per pitcher.
Drop third strike, stealing and lead-offs are played at all levels.
Fake and slap plays may be used by hitters in all divisions.

Innings/Time Limits/Mercy Rules
Age       Innings     Time Limit     Mercy Rule               Complete Game
9u-10u       6          90 mins       12 after 3|8 after 4         3 innings
11-12u       6          90 mins       12 after 3|8 after 4         3 innings
13u           7          105 mins       12 after 4|8 after 5         4 innings
14u +        7          105 mins       12 after 4|8 after 5         4 innings

For the time limit, a new inning cannot be started after the time limit.  The official time is announced by the umpire and the last out determines the time.  There is no time limit in the Championship Game.  The mercy rule still applies.  The tournament director has the right to modify time limits and other rules in order to have a tournament reach its conclusion.

Pitching Restrictions
The are no pitching restrictions.  It is important for every coach to monitor their pitchers.  A manager is allowed on visit per pitcher per inning.  The pitcher must be removed on the second visit and may not re-enter the pitching position for the remainder of the game.

Extra Innings
In the first extra inning and every 1/2 thereafter, each team will start with a runner on second base, 1 out and a 1-1 count on the batter.  Each batter thereafter will start with a 1-1 count.  The runner of second base will be the last official hitter of the previous inning.  Extra innings are unlimited if the time limit has not been reached.  After the time limit is reached there will be one additional extra inning.  If the score remains tied, it is entered as a tie.  In bracket play, the extra inning rules will be used until a winner is determined.

Seeding after pool play is determined as follows:
1.  Best record
2.  Head to head
3.  Fewest runs allowed
4.  Run differential (+8/-8)
5.  Coin flip

Tie breakers do not reset when a team advances out of the tie breaker.  Example:  three teams are tied and have not all played each other.  Move to the next tie breaker.  Not all teams have played each other so head to head is out.  Team A gave up the least runs and they advance;  teams B and C have played each other but that does not count as we moved past that tie breaker.  B and C have given up the same number of runs so we move to the next tie breaker until the tie is broken.

Courtesy Runners
At any time, the team may use a courtesy runner for the pitcher or catcher of record the previous inning.  The courtesy runner must be a player not presently in the line-up.  For continuous line-ups, the courtesy runner is the player who recorded the last batted out.  If no outs have been recorded, the courtesy runner will be the previous batter not on base.  If a courtesy runner is determined to be ineligible, a proper replacement (if available) will be used without penalty.

DH, EH and Continuous Batting Order
For all age groups, teams must bat an eleven (11) player or continuous lineup of all present uniformed players.  Such line-up must be declared before the start of the game and used the entire game.  Teams are allowed free defensive substitutions for continuous line-ups.

For continuous line-ups, if a team with fewer than 11 players in uniform is playing against a team with 11 or more players, the team with more players has the option of batting the same amount as the other team.  If a continuous is used and a player has to leave the game, for any reason other than injury, then every time that spot in the order comes to bat it shall be an out.  For those batting less than the maximum, the re-entry rules apply.

Slide Rule does apply and runners must slide or attempt to avoid contact on close plays where a tag is imminent.  A collision between the runner and fielder will be the umpire's decision on ejection, and umpire's ruling is final.  A player ejection, based on the slide rule, is for the rest of the game.  If the umpire determines it was intentional and flagrant, the Tournament Director may impose additional game suspensions.

Unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated.  Any player or coach ejected from a game for conduct will serve the remainder of that game, plus the next game.  Managers and coaches are responsible for the behavior of the entire team, including parents.  At the umpire and site supervisor's discretion, unruly fans will be warned and suspended from the ballpark for the remainder of the tournament.

Pre-Game infield is not allowed.

Facility Rules
Coolers may not be brought into the parks, unless otherwise noted.  There are full concessions available.  You may have coolers in the parking lot, just not inside the park.  A park representative has the right to enforce this rule.  Some parks may serve adult beverages.  Please be responsible.

Please have your team throw away any drink bottles in the dugout after the game.

Pre-Tournament Information
The tournament director reserves the right to alter the tournament format in the event of inclement weather or other unplayable conditions.  Bison Sporting Events reserves the right to alter Tournament Rules with advance notice to the teams.

Tournament schedules will be posted on the respective tournament page at www.bisonevents.com and www.usssa.com by noon the Wednesday before the start of the tournament.

Check-in with the site director no less than 30 minutes prior to your first game.  Each team must submit their official USSSA roster  sheet signed by parents, players and team manager.  Make a copy of the signed form and turn the copy in at check-in so you only need to get it signed once. Managers must also provide team insurance.  In case of protests, managers should have their birth certificates on hand.  No team shall be permitted to start the tournament without all information being completed.  Forfeits of games may occur.

Weather/Refund Policy
Please check the following BEFORE contacting the Tournament Director:
1. Tournament Hotline (number provided with tournament forms)
2. Check www.bisonevents.com
3. Text sent to cell phone number on entry form

The refund policy is as follows:
1. If no games are played and the tournament is a wash, a full credit will apply to a future event.
2. If 1 game is played, a half credit will be issued to the team.
3. If 2 games have been played, there is no refund.

If a team withdrawals from the tournament 15 days prior to the event, a refund will be given less a $25 administration fee.  If the tournament fee is applied to a future event, no charge will apply.

If a team withdrawals withing 15 days of the event, a $75 administrative fee will apply.  If applied to a future event, no fee will apply.

If a team withdrawals from the event after the schedule has been released half of the entry fee will be returned.  No shows or withdrawals the day before or day of the tournament will receive no refund.


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